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The InnJunKtion is a guest suite within the Union JunKtion, an eclectic vintage/antique/junk store! Have the comforts of a more traditional suite with en suite bathroom, memory foam queen bed, MyPillow pillows, microwave, mini fridge/freezer, water cooler, etc. PLUS an entire 2,000 square foot historic building (with amazing decor that is all available for sale) to browse & shop to your heart’s content!

The InnJunKtion is located in a historic building that served as the small town grocery store for years and years. In an effort to save this amazing 2,000 square foot building (the exposed brick, original hard wood floors, beautiful architectural features) we have opened a vintage shop, the JunKtion, (open by chance or appointment!) and now a short-term vacation rental, the InnJunKtion, in an effort to preserve and share the amazing building!

Book your Airbnb stay at Union JunKtion / the InnJunKtion today!

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